26 February 06 - 09:23 Wudang mountains

11 February 2006
Dear Members
The self explanatory letter set out below was agreed unanimously by your Executive Committee and has been sent to UNESCO already. Any reply will also be posted for your information.
The TCFE exists to further the interests of practitioners of Chinese Internal Arts all over the world.

With best wishes to our members

Dan Docherty



26 February 06 - 09:09 Requests for help

The TCFE has a couple of requests for help:

My name is Giorgi, 27 years old, I live in Georgia Tbilisi. I practice martial arts since 1996 year mainly Yoshinkan Aikido. I also very interested in and very respect taichi, and I am trying to practice it by my own. Here we dont have any qualifyed instructors or teachers in taichi. I have a lot of information about it through Internet and a lot of video clips.I, by chance, come across on your web site.
I am looking for videos about "hard" Yang style which Master Yang Luchang with his sons in old times. In our days as we can see it is very populas Yang Sheng Fu's "soft" form of Taichi. Can you give me any information about old form, or give me some links of those who could know about it?
Do you know some our-day representatives of "hard" yang style of old days?
I have read that Yang Banghoy and Yang Shouxou were very hard and aggressive persons and their fighting style were very hard and effective . Also I have reag that they possessed some distant power (linkutsing or something like these). Is this power realistic or it is fiction of someones?
Your competent answers will very useful for me.
Thank you wery much
With respect,

I looking nowadays for any visual material about "yun hua gong" (the transport and conversion exercise or the great / grand regulating exercise). If you know any resource of VCD, DVD or VHS of this system, would you let me know, please?
Hakan Onum