In these pages we will feature major multi-style events taking place across Europe. Inclusion is open to all organisations with representation in the TCFE.

Email the Secretary with your submissions.


Sunday 7 April 2013
25th Festival Of Chinese Martial Arts And British Open Tai Chi Championships
Oxford At Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre, Pegasus Rd., Blackbird Leys, Oxford
Sunday,April 7th, 2013 (doors open 9 am for competitors, 10 am for spectators).
Tel: 0208 368 6815/ 07721 867 682
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Tyrolean Tai Chi Chuan Festival Meran/o, South Tyrol, Italy TYROLEAN TAI CHI CHUAN FESTIVAL


Friday 12 - Friday 19 July 2013
Tai Chi Caledonia
For the past 17 years Tai Chi Caledonia has earned a reputation for providing high-quality tuition from many of Europe’s best-rated instructors in the field of Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and Chinese Internal Arts. For some there is a ‘coming of age’ when reaching 18 and in this year our emphasis is on providing a mature learning experience together with the opportunity to relax, have fun, and enjoy the company of fellow practitioners from across Europe. Whether your new to Tai Chi or a highly experienced practitioner Tai Chi Caledonia will allow you to increase your knowledge base in a way that will enhance your life for many years to come.
Tai Chi Caledonia

25-28 July 2013
Pa Kua Chang - Old Fu Style
Noci (BA) - Italy

The Wudang Fu Style Federation organizes in Italy a Pa Kua Chang meeting that will be held by M° Severino Maistrello, direct disciple of Si Fu To Yu.

We will study eight trigrams Pa Kua, Luhn Kan Nei Kung, Orthodox Pa Kua and stuff.

Pa Kua Chang 2013 | Wudang Meeting


Thursday 29 August - 1 September
International Push Hands Meeting
Abano Terme Venetto Italy
Organised by Wudang Fu Style Federation, Italy
The Meeting will be open to all styles from beginner to the more experienced and also to practitioners of other martial arts.

We will work with a number of differing approaches and techniques of push hands including fixed step, moving step, free moving step and fight applications.

There will be workshops for beginners and for more experienced practitioners held by international teachers: Paul Silfverstrale, Ronnie Robinson, Severino Maistrello, Nils Klug, Nabil Ranné.

The aim of the event is to exchange experiences in pleasant, friendly and non-competitive atmosphere, in the beautiful context of an ancient Eremitani monk’s convent in Abano Terme (PD).


Tai-Chi Tcho

Friday 1 - Sunday 3 November 2013
Tai-Chi Tcho, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

Tai-Chi Tcho is an event of high quality teaching as well as an experience of joy of life and friendship.
We are offering a diverse program with 23 teachers from different countries and different styles.

You can now study the workshop descriptions and the profiles of the teachers on Tai Chi Chuan Cornelia - Rencontre internationale.
Our home page is in English and French but the flyer can be downloaded in 4 languages (English, French, German, Italian).

You can also register online and we offer an early bird's discount price and the possibility to reserve a free place to sleep in the hall.

Don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail for any additional question.
We are very much looking forward to welcome you here in the Jura mountains and to exchange with you.

Dutch Open tai chi chuan Championship, Workshops, Demonstrations and a Taiji-market

Saturday 16 November 2013

Location: Sportcentrum Olympos, Uppsalalaan 3, 3584 CT Utrecht , Netherlands

Access cart: €15,- p.p.

For this you can watch the games and demonstrations, visit the market and join all workshops.
Children till the age off 14 have free entrance.

Registration to participate in the competition:
first contest €15,- after this € 5,- till a maximum of 4 items.

Route to sport hall / parking:

More Details - English - PDF